Minister of Youth and Sports

The Ministry of Youth and Sports pursues a unified state policy in the field of youth, sports and social tourism.
The new sports policy of the Republic of Bulgaria includes the following main priorities and highlights:
providing opportunities for practicing motor activity and social tourism;

the development of student sport and excellence as a means of raising the nation's prestige;

reconstruction and modernization of the sports facilities and their alignment with the international standards of the European Union; equipment of a doping laboratory in accordance with the requirements of the World Anti-Doping Agency and construction of new sports sites.
By a decision of the National Assembly of May 29, 2013 The Ministry of Physical Education and Sports was transformed into the Ministry of Youth and Sports. In accordance with the Decree No. 142 of the Council of Ministers of 8.07.2013 on the adoption of the Rules of Organization of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the activities and the archive of the Directorate of Youth from the transformed Ministry of Education and Science shall be transferred to the Ministry of Youth and Sport transformed.
The Minister of Youth and Sport is the central sole body of the executive power, which develops, organizes, coordinates and controls the implementation of the state policy in the field of youth and sport, as well as of social tourism.​