In 2018, Badminton Club Victory realizing the project "Teaming up for growth" under the Erasmus + program. Our partners are Sports Club Preventis (Romania) and Badminton Club OAGO (Greece).
Within the framework of the project, mobility will be realized in the three countries, good practices will be shared in the field of grassroots sports and the forms of their implementation, a methodology will be developed which will be popularized and disseminated at all levels in order to reach more organizations and stakeholders.
Who are we? Association "Victory" was founded in 2013 in order to promote healthy and active lifestyles in society. We set our goals towards working for the development and promotion of physical culture and sport at national and international level. The team of the Association collaborates with local, national and international sporting, environmental and civic organizations. The association is actively involved in the development and implementation of programs and initiatives in the field of youth.
Оur partner from Romania:  Preventis Sports Club is a sports club dedicated to children and adults who want to spend their free time in a healthy way. In view of this, we offer them the opportunity to play badminton, basketball, tennis, diving, scuba diving, cycling and other sports. Our organization is closely associated with the Preventis Medical Clinic, whose many patients have found that practicing sports is not only a means of rehabilitation but also prevention. This type of education is also included in the pupil's curriculum, which leads to members of the club aged 7 to 55 years.
And from Greece: Badminton club “OAGO”, the main objectives of the club are  the development of youth activities, youth work and young people especially;  organizing courses, seminars, forums and other activities aimed at promoting sport values of European dimension;  to assist in formulating and implementing projects that contribute to sustainable development, growth and empowerment of people through sports;  to contribute to the development, integration and employment of young people in society, to help them acquire skills for life above and outside of sports and  encourage support and develop economic initiatives (economic activity) of youth.
The objectives of the project “Teaming up for growing up” are:
• Strengthen the international cooperation between grassroots organisations active in the field of sport and youth and create a core of a transnational network promoting the same ideas;
• Improve sharing of good practices and transfer of know-how not only between the participating organisations but also on national level in each country;
• Increase knowledge and awareness regarding sport and physical activity as tool for skill acquisition fostering the well-being and employability of young people;
• Foster cross-sectorial synergy with non-formal and lifelong learning policies to promote sport and physical activity as tool to address youth-related challenges.
Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union