The Victory Badminton Club was established in 2013, and is listed by the Sofia City Court in the register of non-profit legal entities under the F.D. No 799/2103. It was created for carrying out activities for the public benefit. The goals of the club are to develop badminton sports in accordance with the current legislation in the country; builds a community of individuals active and active in the development and promotion of badminton; affirms cultural and professional relationships based on respect for personality, integrity, trust and mutual assistance; provides conditions for sporting events, training and development of all forms of badminton sports for all age groups; develops sports activities among the disabled and disadvantaged; implements and encourages the development of youth initiatives. Victory BC begins to develop its sports racing activities in the halls "Sofia", "Festivalna" and NSA "V. Levski ”.
 Since 2016, the club has been running sports competitions throughout the year in Badminton Hall Europe, the principal of which is Nord Sport EOOD, with which they have contractual relationships.
            Preparatory groups for children and adolescents have been formed:
preparatory groups of children - 6 grams per 12 children
Boys and girls - 4 grams for 8 boys
Age Representative Teams:
Boys and girls under 11 - 12 athletes
Boys and girls under 13 - 12 athletes
Adolescents and girls under 15 - 10 athletes
Adolescents and girls under 17 - 10 athletes
Men and women - 14 competitors
The club participates in all stages of state individual and team championships for all age groups.
 Significant successes:
        National Championships:
       1st place men's team
       1st place men singles Daniel Nikolov
       1st place girls singles and couples under 15 Kosara Andreeva
         International tournaments:
        1st place men singles Daniel Nikolov at the European Cup in Croatia
         1st place men's singles and men's doubles Daniel Nikolov at the Balkan Championships in Greece
        2019 year
        1st place men singles Ivan Rusev
        1st place girls singles under 15 Kaloyan Nalbantova
        2nd place men and women team​
Earned titles


Third news
Third news

Association "Victory" BC "successfully implements youth exchange youth exchange" Be active, be smart, develop your potential! Vol. 2 "

First news
First news

BC Victory "Association is pleased to announce that it has won a project" Be Active, Be Smart, Expand Your Potential! Vol. 2 ".